Toilet Paper for Sanitary Pad: Young Girls’ Confession (via Echwalu Photography)

After going to rural area’s in KZN, South Africa, it is clear that lack of access to sanitary pads for girls going through menstruation, is a problem in many countries, not Just Uganda. Girls are being held back, because of lack of access to sanitary pads. It keeps them out of school, and society. It might seem like just one week a month, but missing that much school? This is a wonderful project, and it is not just about sewing, it is about Women’s Empowerment. In fact, it probably does more than a lot of equality laws, activism, etc. It is literally helping girls to strive for a better future, by overcoming a barrier to education. This is something so many woman in the “western” or privileged world take for granted! This project should be winning awards!

Toilet Paper for Sanitary Pad: Young Girls’ Confession Pregnancy, poor health, poverty, absenteeism and drugs among others have over time formed the core of school drop outs in the Sub-Saharan Africa. In Uganda, often ignored is the beginning of menstruation among school-going girls. Due to a lack of sensitization, many girls are caught in shock of new changes forming within them. They are often left scared, hopeless and confused. Ignorance about this change has not helped their cause as many have fa … Read More

via Echwalu Photography