Brittany Murphy’s Death Ruled a Tragic accident.

I remember having an argument with a close frind recently, about how talented and loveable Brittany Murphy was. I have always been a big fan, but it was strangely ironic that just a few weeks later, she collapsed and was pronounced dead. It was almost completely unbelievable to me.  She made you feel what her role needed to convey. If it was drama – she made you cry, if it was comedy she made you laugh, but she was always charming!

From when the news broke about Actress Brittany Murphy’s death, there was speculation from many spheres that the heart attack that led to her death was brought on by drug addiction. Her family denied these rumours saying that she had suffered from cardiovascular problems for some time. According to her mother “She was diagnosed with a heart murmour when she was a young teenager. She never did any drugs, ever.” She was terrified to take any drugs as she knew she had a heart problem and is rumoured to have suffered from diabetes. I became rather irritated with people speculating for various reasons. After her split from Ashton Kutcher, she stated that one of the main reasons was his public divulgence of their personal affairs. I guess this led me to believe that she was an honourable person. I still believe that. She was more private than a lot of other actresses, and therefore, one would assume, was quite grounded and did not buy into the whole Hollywood way of creating media hype around herself.

She was the kind of charismatic actress that was magnetic in every role she played. You just wanted to see more of her. She played a variety of different roles, all of which she made her own. She made each character loveable, whether she was playing a quirky, ill-advised girlfriend (Little Black Book), a slightly neurotic new wife (Just Married), a nanny (Uptown Girls), a victim (Don’t say a word), a girl that got dealt a bad hand in life (the Dead Girl) or a girl struggling to find herself (The Ramen Girl). I will miss being able to look forward to her movies.

Today, the coroners report was released, stating her Death as a tragic accident. Her cause of death is attributed to severe pneumonia, the use of prescribed medicine for this ailment (painkillers, cough mixture and cramp relief) and anaemia. These all resulted in too much strain on her weak heart (pre-existing genetic condition) causng a heart attack. This can happen from pneumonia, without all the other complications. A kid on my street died from playing sport while having a cold. He had a heart attack. Whether she was the person I believed her to be or not, I am happy that her memory can now rest withou media speculation and tarnish. I am also happy for her family that they have closure.

Brittany Murphy

May Brittany Murphy be remembered for her electric character and magnetic personallity, as well as her talent and beauty. The world was lucky to see a climpse of her, and though she died young, I am sure she will not be forgotten.



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